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Hello! I am Michele, a Family and Wedding Photographer based in Hamburg, also available in other regions of Germany and Europe. Photography for me is not only a job. It’s a way to document happiness, emotions, moments and love through my lenses. Nothing makes more grateful than being able to deliver the best memories to my clients.

My priority as a professional is to amaze every single client with an exclusive photographic experience and high-quality services. You can find more about my work on my Instagram and Facebook pages or schedule an appointment to meet me in person for a coffee and cake. I’d be very happy to become part of your journey!

A beautiful mission as Family and Wedding Photographer

In a world that changes too fast, where many things are not noticed or easily forgotten, it’s important to be able to SEE life. My work as a family and wedding photographer allows me to give my clients this view of their lives, just as they are: beautiful, unique, real.

Photographing is not just to push buttons and ask people to make different poses. I am there to bring the best out of those in front of my camera. To make them laugh, relax and realize that they are wonderful being themselves. They have a story to tell and a legacy to leave for their future generations.

We can buy so many things nowadays, but nobody has yet invented a way to go back in time and live that one special moment again. Empowering people to eternalize their story is a priceless mission as a family and wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer

How I work

As a family and wedding photographer in Hamburg, I always try to bring a different perspective to the images that represent unique stories. Respecting their essence, my goal is to transmit the most authentic feelings on each scene. A big smile, emotional tears, long hugs – they can clearly translate love, happiness and life with no need of words.

The work starts with a good conversation (in person or on the phone/skype) when I get to know better the people I will photograph. It’s very important as a photographer to understand who they are, what are their hobbies and lifestyle, so we can capture their personalities and translate their story.

Creativity and good photographic technique are also very important, but a crucial part of my job is to make my clients feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. A photo session or a wedding day doesn’t need to be stressful. It can (and should) be fun! So, it’s essential to encourage a positive atmosphere and boost my clients’ confidence while they are being photographed.

After the photos are taken, a careful editing process starts. Attention to detail here is the key to produce a consistent and visually pleasant material. I always encourage my clients to have prints or albums of their photos. This may sound a bit old-fashioned for some people, but being able to sit together with your family and see your wedding pictures or your family session when kids were still babies is priceless! Therefore, I also offer as part of my packages the possibility to add professional quality albums and prints.

In the end, what is most rewarding about being a photographer is the reaction of my clients when they receive their photos. The best recognition of my work is to know that somehow, I helped a little bit to show them that they are amazing people just the way they are!

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My Photography Style

Keep it real. These are the three words that best describe my photographic style. I always look for authentic, emotional and timeless moments with candid shots, adapting some level of documentary photography in most of my work.

When I started as a photographer, I was very inspired by documentary photography and the emotional impact of those pictures. Today I see it not only as a style, but also as a need in a world that has become more and more superficial. The beauty of telling a story that looks just real, with all its imperfections and no intentions to control 100% of the situation is what makes each interaction with my clients very special and unique.

The photographic experience should not end when the photo session is over. Authentic photos have the power to bring back the best moments of a family or couple. They revive feelings often forgotten by the stress of our daily routine. They remind us that we have this one life, and to live it to its fullest is the best we can do for ourselves and our loved ones.

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