Beautiful Engagement Session in Hamburg: Jessica + Alex

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Last week i photographed an amazing Engagement Session in Hamburg with Jessica and Alex. I consider myself a very fortunate photographer. Somehow the Universe brings me the best couples and families i could ever wish for! I met Jessica on Instagram, she is not only a very talented photographer, but an extraordinary human being.

When we met for their Engagement Session in Hamburg, we had the chance to talk a bit before making the photos and they told me how they met, what they were organizing for their big day and how excited they were to finally say yes. I like to talk and get to know better the people in front of my camera. The synergy that comes after these conversations is what makes each photo session or wedding unique for me!

Then we decided make the photos at Ohlsdorf Park in Hamburg. The day was very cloudy and the whole week before was rainy. If you read this other post about some beautiful Engagement Photos in Hamburg, you will know that for me, there is no bad weather to make photos. It’s just a matter and exploring life as it is. My sunshine couple was also in the same mood and we had a great time during our session with spontaneous laughs, movement and love!

Afterwards i was really happy to see that the essence of Jessica and Alex was in those photos. They are beautiful souls and their love shines even when it’s cloudy! I am asked very often how do i make an outdoor photo session or a wedding when it’s raining. For me, this is not an issue at all. There are always alternative ways to do it. But the most important point is to know if my clients are comfortable with the situation. Empathy should always come first 🙂

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton

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