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Welcome to our Wedding Blog from Germany! Here I want to share with you some wonderful wedding stories and my experiences as a wedding photographer in Hamburg. Wedding stories just inspire me so much and each of them makes me better understand the value of my mission as a photographer.

For me, a wedding is not a perfect and staged fairy tale. A wedding is a very special day that involves months of planning, anticipation and love in every detail. The wedding day is always filled with countless beautiful moments, emotions and feelings.

Each wedding for me is unique, reflects different personalities and tells very unique stories that will be remembered forever. In my wedding blog from Germany you can be inspired by these beautiful stories, which I had the pleasure to document through my lenses!


Love for weddings – pictures that tell the most beautiful stories


Have you ever wondered how our life would be like if we had no more stories to tell? Well, we can’t really imagine that, can we?

After all, our lives are full of stories. We talk in the form of stories, we love to hear stories, we learn from stories and get inspired by them. Stories allow us to feel, laugh and cry. Every day we talk to our friends, family members, work colleagues or other people and share with them something that moves us. We constantly tell and listen to stories.

There are moments, however, when we wish that certain stories were captured in the form of pictures. Why? Well, as we know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures are magic and can bring up emotions and feelings much more easily. Pictures can be shared with our future generations and allow them to imagine exactly how the day the pictures were taken was and how the people in the pictures felt. But even when we look at our own pictures, it is much easier to remember with details that special moment. This is why my work as a visual storyteller is extremely important to me and a mission that i take with love.


Wedding blog from Germany in the format of pictures


I love to capture natural, emotional and candid moments through my lenses and photograph people just as they are. Weddings are definitely one of those wonderful moments and every single one has a unique story to be told. Weddings bring together so many special people who celebrate a beautiful love story. In my wedding blog you can be inspired by many wonderful stories and pictures that will definitely put a smile on your face.

Everyone has a unique story ready to be told. You certainly have yours as well. Let me tell them through my lenses! Find more information about my work as a Family and Wedding Photographer here on my website or visit my Instagram page to get some inspiration! I am looking forward to meet you and be part of your beautiful story!