Family Photo Session in Hamburg: Tabatha, Daniel and Mia


Family Photo Session in Hamburg


It was a great pleasure for me to shoot this family photo session in Hamburg. There is so much love and happiness in these pictures that they makes me smile every time i look at them. The vibe of this family and Mia’s toothless smiles are priceless!

Firstly, I had the chance to register Tabatha and Daniel’s story as a couple when they got married. Then Tabatha’s pregnancy and now this beautiful family photo session in Hamburg with their daughter Mia.

We shot this family photo session on a beautiful sunny day at the Stadtpark in Hamburg. Our little star Mia was looking very happy! It was as if she already knew it would be quite easy for her to look great in the pictures. Tabatha and Daniel, thank you for giving me another opportunity to register a new chapter of your lovely story!

I love my job as a photographer because it allows me to give my clients the most beautiful moments of their lives translated in pictures like these. At first  i was shooting only weddings. But when i started my own family, the wish to expand my work and also document the flow of other beautiful stories came up. I guess that’s what makes life worth it!

With so many ideas coming up this year and a busy wedding season ahead, i couldn’t be more excited to show you soon what’s about to come! There will be surely many other beautiful Family Photo Sessions in Hamburg like this one here in our blog!

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Family Photos at the Stadtpark