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Are you searching for a photographer in Hamburg to document your best moments? Have you seen my work and want to know more about me? Then let’s connect!

Each photographic experience is unique for me. That’s why it’s so important to get to know my customers and their wishes very well, so we can have the best of each other. If you could take two minutes to tell a bit more about yourself answering the formular below, I can make you a first offer. A detailed description of my services and starting prices can be found here.

I am available as a family and wedding photographer in Hamburg and Europe. You can also connect with me on Instagram to see more about my work. I am looking forward to hear from you!




• What motivated you to become a photographer in Hamburg?

Photography is my biggest passion in life. Being able to experience and document the most beautiful moments of my customers in their essence is not only a gift, but an honor for me. When I make people emotional and happy with my pictures, I feel that my mission in this universe is precious and important.

• What is the profile of your customers?

My customers are uncomplicated and positive people looking for a documental photography made in a relaxed environment and shootings that capture the essence of their relationships. From the moment we meet for a first consultation, they already know that I will do my best to make them feel comfortable, laugh and enjoy the experience.

• Do you only work as a photographer in Hamburg, or are you available to travel to other cities and countries?

I love to travel and photographing in other cities and countries is definitely not a problem for me! If you live in another city or country, please let me know the exact location of your wedding or photo shooting and I will calculate the additional travel costs to your package. Weddings and photo sessions in Hamburg city limits already have the travel costs included in their packages.

• How do we receive the pictures after the photo shooting or wedding?

Your pictures will be delivered in a password protected online gallery that you can share with family and friends for visualization and download. Your gallery will be available for one month for photo shootings and three months for weddings. The pictures are available for download in high resolution.

• How many pictures will we receive? Are they all edited?

If you book a wedding package, you will receive on average 60 pictures per hour, but it really depends on the wedding and it can be more, but not less. I always make a careful selection of the wedding pictures, removing the repeated shots or some that are not looking really nice (when you blink, for example). The photo shootings have two available package options with 30 or 60 pictures. All the pictures are carefully edited by myself.

• How long does it take to receive the pictures after the wedding or photo session?

I take some time to make a careful edition of your pictures. For photo shootings i deliver the pictures up to 2 weeks after the shooting date. For weddings, I need up to 6 weeks to deliver the pictures. But i totally understand how hard it is to wait for the pictures, so i always send a couple of them 24 hours after the wedding or photo session and you can already have a sneak peek!

• What are the payment conditions for the wedding packages and photo sessions?

Our payment conditions for weddings are offered in two equal terms: first payment after the contract is signed and the remaining balance after the wedding date, but before the delivery of the pictures in the online gallery. For photo sessions, the payment is done once after the contract is signed.

• How long does the photo shooting take? Do we need to prepare something in advance? We are a bit shy and don’t really like to take pictures...

You don’t need to worry about that. I always explain to my customers that my job is to take care of them during the shootings and make sure that they feel comfortable. Their job is to have fun and enjoy! So if you are shy, you can imagine the shooting as a walk around where we will talk, laugh and have fun. Don’t worry, I will guide you on the process and you will barely notice the time passing :) The duration of the shooting is really up to you. If you are uncertain about it, i can always help you to choose the best package option that fits what you want to receive in the end.

• What happens with the photo shooting in case of bad weather (rain or snow)?

My mom used to tell me that i am not made of sugar, so it is fine for me to go out when it rains :) Now seriously, this really depends on how heavy it rains and how cold it is, due to the fact that in some extreme situations, it can be quite uncomfortable for you to have the shooting for over 10 minutes (think about -10 degrees with no sun or a pouring rain that makes you soaking wet on your dress). There is also a risk to the equipment in extreme weather conditions. But if it’s just a light rain or a beautiful day with snow and sun, it’s really up to you how long you will want to make the shooting.
In the end, it is important that you feel comfortable with the situation and if it’s really not possible to have the shooting somewhere indoors or outside due to poor weather conditions, we can always reschedule to another day later when I am available.

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