Vintage Wedding: Fernanda + Diego

Vintage Wedding

Some pictures have the power to make me very emotional and this vintage wedding had many of them. Everything was absolutely beautiful. An elegant, vintage style was in every single detail. They are by far one of my favorite couples. However, it wasn’t an easy day for me to shoot a wedding.⁣⁣

My father had died six days before this wedding and i was still in a state of shock, but as a professional wedding photographer, i got up that day and decided to give my best and register unforgettable memories for Fernanda and Diego.⁣⁣

As nothing happens by chance, the wedding ceremony had a beautiful, unexpected surprise: the bride’s mother died some years before the wedding and the groom decided to make a very delicate necklace with her mother’s picture inside the pendant. He asked a moment during the ceremony to give her that gift and say that her mom was there, too.⁣⁣

I still don’t know how i could capture this particular moment because i couldn’t stop crying. I am always very concentrated when i am shooting and that moment told me something: we are all connected. To the ones that are here and to the ones that have gone already. Dad was certainly very proud of me, her mom was surely happy for them and i felt very grateful to be able to shoot this moment with all my heart. ⁣⁣

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Vintage Wedding Photos