Wedding at Norderstedt Courthouse: Ianne + Björn

Wedding at Norderstedt Courthouse

This summer I had the chance to photograph a beautiful wedding at Norderstedt Courthouse. Some people have the wrong idea that a courthouse wedding is something with little importance. I personally think that they are emotional, intimate and very special occasions. When a couple get married at the courthouse, they invite their most important people. This fact makes them feel at home and much more relaxed during the wedding. Turns out that the pictures at a Courthouse wedding are normally very authentic and full of love.

Ianne and Björn are a very friendly and relaxed couple. When they first visited me, Ianne told me how important their wedding pictures were for her. She would not be able to have the presence of her family in the wedding as they were in Brazil. Her wedding at the church was unfortunately delayed until next year. The pictures of their wedding at Norderstedt Courthouse would be the only way to share this special moment with her family. To me, that means a very important mission: I would have the chance to make the most of my work and give them something that would touch her family’s hearts and make them feel present.

The ceremony was, as I expected, very emotional and happy. The way they looked at each other and smiled was very special. When I say sometimes love needs no words, I really mean it by looking at the photos of this courthouse wedding in Norderstedt. We had the chance to make a “first look” before the ceremony started and went for a beautiful photo shooting with the newlyweds at a beautiful park afterwards.

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” —Audrey Hepburn


Beautiful Wedding Photos in Norderstedt


In the end, for me it doesn’t matter if a wedding coverage is short, like normally the weddings at a courthouse are, or if I photograph the whole day. What matters to me is to be able to connect my heart with my couples and the people around them. I want to deliver the best  memories that they could have of their day. Being a wedding photographer in Germany means having a very unique mission: capture the most beautiful moments to the people i am photographing and make sure they carry them forever!

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