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Are you looking for a professional, passionate and trustworthy Wedding Photographer in Hamburg? Then you’ve come to the right place on my website!

My name is Michele and I have specialized in wedding photography in Hamburg for several years. With my unique style and passion for my job as a wedding photographer in Hamburg, I create authentic wedding photos that will give you and your family unforgettable memories. On this Website you can see more about my style and find information about my prices and packages for wedding photos.


Hamburg – The perfect city for your love story


Hamburg is an incredibly romantic city, and therefore the perfect place to exchange your vows and live your beautiful love story. The Hafencity, the Alster, the Elbe River and of course the Stadtparkt offer unique locations with breathtaking scenery and nature, where love stories begin to bloom. Hamburg has more bridges than any other city in the world and more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined.

Are you planning your wedding in Hamburg? Then I am pretty sure that you have made a wonderful decision, because the city offers an incredible number of unique locations, whether near the water or in the middle of the nature. Hamburg is simply the perfect place to celebrate a beautiful wedding that will be remembered forever.

Your wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life. For this reason, it is also very important to capture it with beautiful memories, so you can always remember this special day again and share it with the future generations. If you would like to have your big day documented and are looking for an authentic Wedding Photographer in Hamburg, I would be very happy to meet you.


A Wedding Photographer in Hamburg that photographs with love


I am a Wedding Photographer from Hamburg who gives great importance to authenticity and storytelling. That’s why I like to document the bride and groom starting in the morning while they are getting ready. Excitement, nervousness, anxiety, worries – before the wedding celebration thousands of thoughts go through your head and the many feelings go on a roller coaster. Perfect for beautiful authentic shots, which you often smile about afterwards. How often in life do you feel overwhelmed by so many feelings?

Then it’s time for the emotional ceremony and the happy and relaxed atmosphere at the champagne reception. These moments will definitely bring many opportunities to take beautiful and candid photos. Often the guests do not even notice that I am there and do not have to smile into the camera all the time, but can enjoy the wedding to its fullest while I take care of making beautiful photos.

But most of all I am always happy and excited about the very special and unforgettable moments after the ceremony, like the couple photo shooting, the first dance together as a married couple, the cutting of the cake, the speeches, the funny games and of course the wild party afterwards, because this is where the funniest photos are always taken. As a wedding photographer, i can definitely say that having a complete wedding day coverage does worth the extra investment!

Real emotions make wedding photos unique and worth telling stories

With my documentary photography I want to capture your wedding just as you experience it: beautiful, emotional and real. In my opinion, these are exactly the moments that will be remembered the most!

Finding a professional and trustworthy wedding photographer in Hamburg is incredibly important for every wedding and not so easy. In the end, the photos are everything that the couple has to remember these moments when the wedding day is over. After months of planning and long waiting, the time has finally come. But unfortunately, the big day passes far too quickly. With beautiful wedding photos, however, you will always remember the unique wedding celebration and the beautiful and emotional moments that remained on the photos.

I would be very happy to photograph your wedding day with love and authenticity. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram or contact me and learn more about my services. We can also schedule a meeting in person or via Skype to talk more about your beautiful wedding day. I am looking forward to hear from you!