Wedding Photographer Prices: are they really expensive?

Wedding Photographer Prices


Part of the wedding preparations is of course the search for the right photographer to capture this special day for you and your guests. But many couples are frightened by the “high wedding photographer prices”. Why do wedding photographers always charge so much money?


How are the wedding photographer prices calculated?


A wedding is a beautiful and unique event that usually takes place only once in a lifetime. That’s why you spend months preparing for this big day, after all, you just want everything to happen the way you imagined in your dreams. Quality is the top priority here and this of course also applies to the photographer, because you simply have to be able to rely on him. Imagine  how will it be if you are not satisfied with the photos afterwards…Not nice, right? So we want to explain here a bit of the hidden work and costs behind just making great pictures on your wedding day.


  • Experience and training

Experience is incredibly important for photographers, because it can easily be reflected in the photos. Professional wedding photographers have spent years photographing weddings and know how to handle different locations and lighting conditions. They know how to best meet the wishes and requirements of their clients and what really matters when taking pictures. In addition, they have certainly invested a lot of time and money in expensive training to improve their skills, sharpen their visual habits, become more creative, gather new ideas, learn new techniques and much more.


  • Camera equipment

Professional equipment is the basic requirement for beautiful wedding photos. Of course it does not mean that photographers with expensive equipment can automatically take good photos. No! It depends on the right equipment and knowing how to use it. High quality lenses and cameras cost on average between 2.000€ and 6.000€ and that is by far not all. There are also flashes, memory cards, batteries, lighting equipment, photo editing software, computers and much more. Replacement is of course always needed in case something breaks. On average, one can easily reach a total cost of 20.000 Euros only with equipment.


  • Hours of preparatory work

If you think that wedding photographer prices are limited exclusively to the day of the shooting, you are unfortunately wrong. The work starts with the first email or phone call and continues through the first meeting, the presentation of portfolios, pictures and photo books, the preparation of offers and contracts, phone calls and emails regarding the organization, planning and wishes, up to the location inspection, equipment preparation and of course the fuel costs and arrival and departure times.


  • The Wedding day

On the day of the wedding or even the day before, all the equipment has to be checked, the batteries charged, the memory cards prepared and everything packed into the car. Additionally, there is a rather long journey including buffer time, as punctuality is the highest bid in a wedding. Now finally pictures are taken – most of the time for many working hours, because many bridal couples want to have the wedding photographer at their side already during the preparations in the morning, until the end of the celebration and that is mostly really late at night.


  • After the Wedding

Now all the wedding photos are loaded onto the hard drives and saved twice so that nothing can happen. In the next few days, all pictures will be sorted and evaluated for hours and the photos that need to be processed will be selected. Now there are maybe 600 pictures, which will be individually edited for days. That means adjusting sharpness, highlights and shadows, contrast settings, white balance and saturation. This actually takes most of the time for a wedding photographer. When the photos are finally finished, they are uploaded to an online gallery or sent in a pen drive, the invoice is written and the whole package is sent to you. You can add to the work some additional hours of album design, sending it for printing, receiving, checking and sending to the couple.


Wedding photographer prices are really not that expensive and the photos are simply worth it!

As you can see, it is really a lot of work with many hidden costs involved. The photo shooting itself is only the smallest part of it. In the end, the wedding photographer prices are really worth it, because you can enjoy beautiful photos for a lifetime and keep your wedding with all the emotional moments forever! And if you are looking for a Wedding Photographer in Hamburg and Germany, contact me! I will be happy to share more information about my work. I am looking forward to your email and you can also find me on Instagram!